Goodbye 2011

Red Berries and Fall Foliage at The Huntington

Red Berries and Fall Foliage at The Huntington

2011 was a memorable one though not entirely for photography reasons. The year started off with me becoming a first-time homeowner meanwhile my dad was hospitalized for several months due to Parkinson’s-related illnesses. Then I met my girlfriend, Samantha, in April. Clearly this didn’t leave much time for photography during the first half of the year.

I did make it a personal photography project to focus on The Huntington this year however. It’s just a few miles from my house and prior to last fall, it never struck me as a photogenic location despite its popularity. My goal was to see how far I could push my photography in a place that I’ve known for my entire life. What this experience taught me was that while The Huntington isn’t as photogenic as the Butchart Gardens for example, that there is a subtle beauty here that had been eluding my camera until I started to look for the details. I don’t always bring my camera, and just go for an early morning walk sometimes which I think has helped me to see deeper because I’m not always looking for a picture.

Overall, 2011 was a fun year both personally and professionally. I got some pretty nice magazine covers this year, featuring images I’m proud of to boot. Much of my photography income comes from image licensing but the thing is that you never have any control over what people will license. People generally think of me as a scenic photographer but my best selling images are generally travel-related images. So it always feels good to get some validation for photos that have more personal meaning.

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