Hamilton House – Glendora Centennial Heritage Park

Hamilton House Front Porch at Centennial Heritage Park, Glendora, California Hamilton House Front Porch at Centennial Heritage Park, Glendora, California

Earlier this month during my interview with Kristin Parisi she mentioned one of her favorite local places was the Centennial Heritage Park. I had never heard of the place since it is tucked in between the north side of the South Hills, a wash and an apartment complex. It only opens one weekend per month so I decided to go check it out a few weeks ago when there was still a little bit of color left on the trees.

It is a pretty cool place I must admit! The star attraction is the Hamilton House but the garden consists of a citrus grove, a row of liquid amber trees lining the property and an array of old farming equipment scattered about. My tour guide, Tom, was very passionate about describing the stories behind the place. If you question your own passion for life, take this house tour and you’ll learn what passion is about from a 73 year old man. He’s been volunteering for the Preservation Foundation for 12 years since his retirement and loves it. I ended up talking to him for probably two hours off and on in between taking photos. The light outdoors was horrible at that hour anyway due to the sun rising behind the South Hills so I wasn’t able to get many photos.

I thought this picture showed how quaint the Hamilton House is. They really did a good job at restoring this place as I think it previously housed some sort of store on Route 66 and was home to the original family before that. I have the brochure around here somewhere but I can’t find it at the moment so excuse me if my facts are a little off.

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  1. How fun to stumble across this article on the Hamilton House. I remember visiting it many times in the 1970-1980 era when it was an antique shop run by Jane Hamilton. I still have many relics that I purchased there & I shall always remember that charming house.

    • This old red farm house belonged to my grandmother. I grew up in this house spending every weekend there. My grandparents were both antique dealers. I knew the house was hauled off to a park, but never knew where. Glad to see it is still standing. I can’t wait to take my children to see it. When I was little the house seemed much bigger! Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

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