Kern County, California Wildflowers

Kern County, California Wildflowers

Kern County, California Wildflowers

There are huge fields of spring wildflowers (mainly lupine here) blooming in Kern County. I took a lot of photos but unfortunately when I looked at the files at 100% there is a blurry streak across many of them. My polarizer apparently picked up some grease while I was out here shooting and I failed to notice that. Fortunately this photo was taken before the lens got that streak on there. Talk about a bummer!

This photo will eventually be placed on a revamped version of my Central California pictures gallery.

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  1. Great flowers – I need to get out there soon!

    I feel your pain regarding the “blurry streak” problem. A few years ago I shot a series of evening compositions at a back-country lake in the Yosemite high sierra… only to find that there was a smudge on the _rear_ element of the lens I used for the majority of the shots. Yuck!


  2. Hey Dan, yeah I think a good trip from the Bay Area would be to do the poppies at Merced River Cyn then head down the Sierras to Kern if you have time.

    I sure hope that smudge wasn’t on the rear of my lens otherwise I’ll probably have to delete even more when I go back and start processing images.

    Ron – I was saying to myself. “Man. Ron went home two weeks too soon!”

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