Rabari – Encounters With the Nomadic Tribe: eBook Review

Rabari - Encounters With the Nomadic Tribe eBook

Rabari - Encounters With the Nomadic Tribe eBook

I was recently sent a copy of an eBook to review, Rabari – Encounters With the Nomadic Tribe. The eBook is authored by travel photographer, Mitchell Kanashkevich, and goes into great detail about his four-month project photographing the Rabari tribe in India. It is a 60-page publication but there is so many insights in here that it feels like a much longer book. I read the first several chapters then skimmed through the rest of the book for this review.

Each chapter features an image from this project, then goes into the back story of how the photographer and his guide got themselves into the situation to make the photograph. Then he shows the sequence of images that led up to the chosen image along with technical details, and then how he handles the post-processing on the final result. I found this eBook to be organized in a very clear and consistent manner. This book is reminiscent of Ansel Adams’ The Making of 40 Photographs, and Galen Rowell’s Mountain Light, in that the book discusses light along with the thought process of the photographer while making the photos. Photography has little to do with technical specs but about the vision of the photographer so it’s helpful when the photographer can clearly articulate what was going through their head while making their images. Those make for the best photo books in my opinion because though it can be considered a how-to book, it’s actually much more useful to serious photographers because we might be able to pick up some insights we hadn’t considered before and apply it to our own work..

If you are interested in cultural travel photography, then I’d highly recommend Rabari – Encounters With the Nomadic Tribe.

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