Rainy Days and Mondays II

 I’ve always been drawn to melancholy moods; from the music I listen to to the weather I like. Sunsets will always be a fun subject photograph but I’ve been finding myself wanting to explore moods from a more personal place. See more of my San Francisco East Bay photos.  

Piazza San Marco

Colorful Venice

Bologna Old Medieval Market

 Before leaving for Italy, I asked an italian friend of mine what day trips I could take from Venice if I wanted to eat really good food. He suggested taking the train to Bologna so we did on the fourth day of the trip. Bologna is the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, which is best …

Servizio Gondole

Eating in Venice, Italy

The City Built on Water

 It blows my mind that people could find a way to build a city of this size on water in the 8th century. Who thinks of this stuff?!? While Venice is as beautiful of a city as there is, it’s also a very dirty city. Sometimes the canals smell like shit to put it kindly and …


 A year ago, Samantha and I celebrated our honeymoon in Rome. My initial choice was Venice but in the end we opted for Rome because we didn’t think we could spend a week there. We had such a great time in Rome that it was a natural decision to return to Italy and visit Venice for …

My Most Unique Photo of Yosemite Yet

 I’ve never pushed myself so hard for a photo shoot. After countless hours researching one of my favorite photo locations on Google, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram and then tracking down the almost exact location through shared camera GPS data I drove 3 1/2 hours to capture this amazing Yosemite view that is destined to be a centerpiece …