29 Years Later

It had been 29 years since my mom had visited the Canadian Rockies. On that trip, it was my dad, my mom and myself. My brother was just a baby at that time so he stayed at my grandparents’ house. Fast-forward to 2015; my dad is no longer with us and my brother is an …

Impressions of Morro Bay

Having visited Morro Bay for all of my life, and photographing Morro Rock multiple times, I don’t feel pressured to focus my attention on the iconic views though I certainly do photograph the rock when the opportunities lend themselves. As there was no visible sunrise on this recent foggy morning I spent as much time experimenting with other …

Rainy Days and Mondays II

I’ve always been drawn to melancholy moods; from the music I listen to to the weather I like. Sunsets will always be a fun subject photograph but I’ve been finding myself wanting to explore moods from a more personal place. See more of my San Francisco East Bay photos.

Piazza San Marco

Colorful Venice

Bologna Old Medieval Market

Before leaving for Italy, I asked an italian friend of mine what day trips I could take from Venice if I wanted to eat really good food. He suggested taking the train to Bologna so we did on the fourth day of the trip. Bologna is the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, which is best …

Servizio Gondole

Eating in Venice, Italy

The City Built on Water

It blows my mind that people could find a way to build a city of this size on water in the 8th century. Who thinks of this stuff?!? While Venice is as beautiful of a city as there is, it’s also a very dirty city. Sometimes the canals smell like shit to put it kindly and …