Sierra Heritage Magazine Cover

 My photo, Owens River Sunrise, is featured on the cover of Sierra Heritage Magazine. The magazine is currently on the newsstands if you wish to check it out. It’s a great magazine that’s been around for many years. Speaking of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, I am planning on a trip to Yosemite Valley this fall. …

Palm Garden

 Something about the exotic plants and the tangled mess of plant detail at the Palm Garden attracted me to this scene while on a morning stroll of The Huntington Botanical Gardens. This scene reminded me of the classic Nature’s Chaos book by James Gleick and Eliot Porter. See more of my Huntington Gardens pictures.  

Morro Bay State Park

 I could photograph seascapes all day every day but unfortunately seascapes don’t seem to sell as well as other types of photos. Perhaps because a lot of other outdoor photographers love seascapes just like I do. Photographing seascapes is a labor of love. See more of my Morro Bay photos.  

Los Osos Watershed

 You can’t see much of the Los Osos Watershed from ground level but from 600 feet above it is clearly a very complex ecosystem. See more of my Morro Bay photos.  

Mountain of Gold

 Montana de Oro State Park is spanish for Mountain of Gold. The park is named for the yellow wildflowers that cover the park during the spring. I’ve been to Montana de Oro during June of 2002 and saw a lot of wildflowers then as well but since this is mid-July I’m wondering if the flowers …

The Uniqueness of California’s State Parks

 In the previous post, I wrote about the impending closure of 70 California State Parks. Though Montana de Oro State Park is not on the proposed closure list, it is just one of the many unique treasures that we have in California. All of the state parks preserve some aspect of natural history or human …

Montana de Oro Seascape

 The bluff trail in Montana de Oro State Park has some very unique scenery and I’ve long been waiting for the right conditions with great light. I thought there might be potential for a great sunset but it turned out to be overcast. A faint amount of sunlight did make it under the cloud cover …

Budget Travel Magazine Cover

 I was at the grocery store yesterday and noticed my front cover for Budget Travel Magazine on the newsstand. Budget Travel is a first-class publication to work with; very professional and thorough. After the photo editor selected the McWay Falls photo, their caption copywriter interviewed me over the phone for about a half hour to …

Los Olivos

 Los Olivos is set in a very picturesque Santa Ynez Valley. Definitely my sort of place. See more of my California Central Coast pictures.  

Figueroa Mountain Scenic Landscape

 There were several raving reviews about the wildflowers at Figueroa Mountain last week so I decided to check it out for myself. I went there last year and there were poppies, carpets of lupine, bush lupine, etc… everywhere but this time there was a decent poppy display but hardly any lupine or anything else for …