Landscape & Nature Photography Blog: A Photographer's Rookie Mistakes

Occasionally I’ll get some flattering comments about my photography but it always makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable. In my mind, I’m just a photographer that has made more rookie mistakes (and still does!) than the average person but keeps plugging away at it. Here are some photography mistakes and mishaps that I’ve made over the years:

  • Forgetting to change the ISO setting
  • Go to a photo shoot without charging the camera batteries
  • Shoot in jpeg mode instead of RAW
  • Accidentally leave the tripod behind at the beach
  • Drown the camera in the ocean
  • Drown the camera in pouring rain
  • Drop the tripod in the restroom with camera attached
  • Shatter the lens glass in my backpack
  • Shatter a Lee Big Stopper filter on the sidewalk
  • Camera shake due to not using a timer or shutter cable
  • Camera shake due to wind
  • Camera shake due to cheap tripod head
  • Camera shake due to cheap tripod legs
  • Forget the tripod at home
  • Not following instructions while cleaning the camera sensor
  • Scratching the camera sensor
  • Packing up too soon, only to see a stunning sunset in the rear view mirror
  • Not leveling the camera before shooting a straight horizon
  • forgetting to copy and delete photos from the memory cards before going on a photo shoot
  • not buying enough memory cards to make it through the day
  • sun flares
  • missing a dust spot before making a canvas print for my home
  • open up the back of a 35mm film camera with the film still in there
  • not knowing how to rewind a roll of film in my Nikon 35mm SLR – I did it by hand…
  • forgetting to lock tripod legs before setting up the camera
Double Rainbow
Double Rainbow

Perhaps the most common photography mistake I’ve made is not removing the lens cap before putting the camera viewfinder to my eye. I still make this annoying mistake all the time after two decades of photography! I’m sure there are other mistakes that I’m forgetting but many of the above are things I’ve listed above have happened to me more than once.

The moral of the story here is that sh*t happens. Drop a few silent f-bombs if you have to and learn from the mistakes then move on. Photography is supposed to be fun. Those who never make mistakes are not taking enough chances.

Beach Sunset God Beams, Alameda, California, photo, photo

God Beams

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