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Landscape and nature photography blog by Richard Wong. I strive to keep it real and talk about the inner workings of my own photography and the landscape and nature photography industry. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions about my fine art photography prints or have licensing inquiries.

Art Galleries Near Me | Where To Buy Fine Art Photography

Many cities have at least one art gallery, oftentimes more than that. Photography-focused art galleries might be a bit more difficult to find but they are out there as well. So you might be wondering where are the best art galleries near me? I’ll answer that question here in addition to providing an alternative solution...

Peter Lik: Is Tree of Life Lik's Most Famous Photo?
Why is Peter Lik Famous?

Peter Lik (born: 1959) is an Australian fine art photographer who owns more than a dozen fine art landscape and nature photography galleries in the United States...

Peter Lik's Photography | Frequently Asked Questions

I occasionally have art buyers and prospective art buyers that mention that they’re also collectors of Peter Lik’s photography. Some commonly asked questions relate to the differences between our print substrates and pricing so I will do my best here to answer these questions but for starters, I did a few Google searches to come up with this list of frequently asked questions:

How old is Peter Lik?

According to Wikipedia, Peter Lik was born in 1959 so that would make him 60 or 61 years old in 2020...

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