Landscape & Nature Photography Blog: Top 10 Peter Lik Photography Prints According To Google

Who is Peter Lik?

Peter Lik is an Australian landscape and nature photographer who owns more than a dozen fine art photography galleries in the United States. Lik’s career originally began in Australia but has really made a name for himself here in the States according to sources including the New York Times and former employees. Some of Peter Lik’s career highlights include having sold the world’s most expensive photography print for $6.5 million according to (it should be noted this was an anonymous private sale announced by Lik's own PR team rather than through a public auction) and a short-lived TV show on the Weather Channel.

Fog Waterfall

"Fog Waterfall"

This scene is the true definition of ephemeral light. It was completely clouded in with fog when for just a few seconds the fog cleared up as it rolled over the ridge below me. Then just like my window of opportunity closed for the night.

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What Are Peter Lik Prints & Galleries Like?

I’ve been to a number of Peter Lik Galleries in the past including San Francisco, Las Vegas, Waikiki, Lahaina and La Jolla. The presentation style is truly stunning with masterful gallery design and proper lighting for the artwork. I would liken the Peter Lik Gallery experience to shopping at RH aka. Restoration Hardware. I’ve also been given the dark room gallery lighting demo by their art consultants. It’s funny that I see people asking questions online about whether Peter Lik prints are somehow backlit. They’re not. I believe his original film-based prints were printed on Ilfochrome paper if I remember correctly. His current-day prints are printed on professional-quality photo art paper and probably framed or face-mounted with non-glare acrylic. The last part of the equation that most people haven't installed at home is the track lighting up on the ceiling. Combine all of those factors within a room that has minimal ambient light and you too can create your own home gallery full of Peter Lik prints or Richard Wong prints. Without proper lighting and display conditions, the prints won’t have the same visual effect no matter how much you pay for the art.

Desert Super Bloom

Desert Super Bloom

Rather than create another literal interpretation of the 2019 California Super Bloom, I decided to spend time focusing on a small group of lupine in order to create a more personal interpretation of this incredible scene. The challenge with photographing flowers is even the slightest bit of wind leads to blurry photos so I would frequently have to wait out the wind to ensure sharp photos. I shoot many frames of varying compositions, exposure and timing in order to find the perfect frame.

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Rarely does a day go by when I don’t hear Peter Lik’s name mentioned by other photographers so out of curiosity I decided to do some online research to find out what are the top 10 most popular Peter Lik prints. Of course it’s impossible to really know the actual top 10 Peter Lik photography prints unless the man himself discloses that but according to Google search volume data as of March 2019 this is what I found.

10 Peter Lik Prints With The Highest Search Volume

  1. Ghost – An Antelope Canyon photo with a beam of light highlighting the rising dust.
  2. Phantom – A black and white version of Ghost that allegedly sold for $6.5m. This is the world’s most expensive photography print ever sold.
  3. One – A water abstract photo. According to this was Peter Lik’s first $1 million print sale. I believe this was a limited edition of 1 hence the name, One.
  4. Tree of Life – Portland Japanese Garden Maple Tree
  5. Beyond Paradise - a pier at Key West
  6. Bella Luna – This large moon photo has been a source of debate on photography sites
  7. Central Park – New York’s Central Park
  8. Rouge - aspen trees and fall color
  9. Endless Summer - under the pier at La Jolla
  10. Tree of Zen - Portland Japanese Garden Maple Tree

It is interesting to note that Tree of Life and Tree of Zen are of the same Japanese maple tree in Portland’s Japanese Garden. I’ve photographed the Portland Japanese Garden maple tree myself in 2012 and while it is an interesting looking tree, I feel like I’ve photographed more interesting trees in my career than that one. It didn’t occur to me until recently that it was so famous. So the question is, what are the world's finest fine art photography prints? I'll answer that question below.

Peter Lik Tree of Life & Tree of Zen Style Photo

"Japanese Garden Maple Tree" / Limited Edition of 25 Prints

One of the most popular trees in the United States, the Portland Japanese Garden Maple Tree has been delighting countless visitors for nearly 50 years. A lace-leaf maple, this Japanese maple tree is a showstopper for anyone who comes across this gorgeous specimen.

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What Are The World’s Finest Fine Art Photography Prints?

I’ve printed my photography on about a dozen different mediums and professional art papers over the years. I’ve been able to make gallery-quality prints from all of the papers but I do prefer some over others. Though I don’t think the average art buyer would really notice the difference between most of the photo papers to be honest. However, I’ve recently discovered a type of premium, luxury acrylic face mount called Lumachrome HD that totally blew my mind. The ever-popular metal prints are inferior and look cheap by comparison. Without getting too technical, Lumachrome HD acrylic prints are printed on an archival transparency infused with iridium particles (the rarest metal on Earth) that is sandwiched between a proprietary reflective white paper mounted on a thick Comatex backing and scratch-resistant, non-glare TruView acrylic which allows the light to be encapsulated within the four layers. This proprietary artisan process combines to create a sort of bioluminescent glow to the artwork with even the slightest bit of external lighting. If you like the "Peter Lik style backlit effect" then you should consider acquiring one of my Lumachrome prints as there is nothing else quite like this. My Lumachrome HD prints come with a hand-made Italian ROMA back mounted floating frame which make them ready-to-hang.

Left Leaning

"Left Leaning" / Marin County, California

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I was recently invited to talk about my work at a San Francisco Bay Area business event so I brought a Lumachrome print for show and the entire audience was amazed by the quality of my artwork. One of the people at the event coincidentally was actually the owner of a print lab. The print lab owner was amazed too and was very complimentary of my work while inquiring about the art production process. Peer validation really doesn’t get any more flattering than that.

Lumachrome HD Acrylic Print
Lumachrome HD Acrylic Print

If you want the finest art prints available today, then take a look at my landscape and nature photography galleries for inspiration. Since I don’t own expensive physical galleries in Las Vegas, I don't need to worry about catering to the tourist market by offering glorified postcard rack photography prints. I create photographic art that speaks to me as an artist. You’ll have every bit the craftsmanship of the luxury art galleries with the finest in printmaking technology. I work with some of the best print labs in the world to bring my art to life. The value is in the craftsmanship and knowing that you would be working directly with me the artist, and not a salesperson.

If exclusive collectible artwork is your priority, my numbered limited edition photography prints are limited to no more than 25 prints and come with a hand-signed, hologram-affixed certificate of authenticity. If there is a piece of art on my site that you want to own exclusively then let's talk to see if it's available. Make me an offer and you can be the only person to ever own that print.

Peter Lik One Style Photo

"Calm Before The Storm"

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Peter Lik Tranquility Style Photo

"Eighth Wonder of the World"

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