In The Field Photography Blogs: Photographing Vancouver In Spring

April 25, 2017  |  Vancouver, British Columbia
Stanley Park Cherry Tree Blossoms, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, photo

Stanley Park Cherry Tree Blossoms

The Vancouver area is a place that I’m fairly familiar with. My parents took me there when I was a kid to see Expo ’86, I revisited with my mom several years ago when we spent 12 days photographing the area, and I was most recently there two years ago. Given where I am in life now it made sense to take my wife and son to Vancouver there. I’ve had limited experience traveling with an infant prior to this trip so believe me when I tell you that it is not easy. I had to pick and choose when I made my photos but that wasn’t such a big deal since I had already photographed most of these locations before. It certainly helped to pick a hotel within walking distance so I could get up early and stay out late when necessary. The most challenging aspect to photographing on this trip was actually the weather. It rained almost every day on the trip. The first several days never let up either so I didn’t bring my camera out much during this time. Luckily the weather started to stabilize toward the end of the trip however which is when I made most of these photos shown here.

Rain in Vancouver is hardly a surprise. That’s the downside to being so beautiful. My previous visits were during the summer and even then it rains though not nearly as much nor as cold. So while the miserable weather did not lend itself to many scenic photo opportunities, it was great for photographing flora. I had no idea that Vancouver had so many cherry blossoms. There weren’t really any garden flowers blooming unlike in the summer but the cherry blossoms were incredible. The rhododendrons were just starting to bloom too.

Based on my experiences, I would recommend visiting later in the spring or during the summer unless you have enough time to wait out the rain. If you’ve been to Vancouver before like I have then by all means visit during different times of years to experience the seasons but for a first-time visitor I’d go between May – September.

Downtown Vancouver Skyline, Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, photo
Stanley Park Skyline
Capilano River Regional Park Hiking Trail, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada, photo
Capilano River Regional Park
Red Rhododendron Bloom at Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., Canada In mid-April, much of Canada is still thawing out from the long...
Red Rhododendron
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