Michelin-Starred Restaurant Photos: Terrapin Creek Photos

Established in 2008 by Chefs Andrew Truong and Liya Lin, Terrapin Creek is a casual restaurant located in Bodega Bay, California, that serves fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The kitchen is dedicated to using the highest quality produce and meats in their dishes. The restaurant has a close relationship with Bay Area farmers, allowing them to offer affordable, responsible comfort food. The menu features a variety of raw options, appetizers, entrees, artisan cheeses and desserts that draws inspiration from both local and global cuisines, all using seasonal ingredients. Terrapin Creek received a one Michelin star for several years and was one of only a few in Sonoma County restaurants to have received this honor.

I visited Terrapin Creek in 2017 when the restaurant had a Michelin star. The restaurant was family-friendly enough that I was able to comfortably bring my two-year-old son. The food was flavorful. It was refreshing to enjoy a wonderful meal without any pretentious vibe.

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