Landscape & Nature Photography Blog: The Ebbs And Flows Of Creativity

During my formative years of photography I thought that I needed to be out creating new work all the time. I ate, slept and breathed photography. There was no consideration for whether I felt inspired or not. Create first, ask questions later.

I initially couldn’t figure out why I would go through photoshoots over a period of time and either feeling not inspired or not feeling like I had come away with anything better than my previous work. My confidence would wax and wane like the stock market. I’d go through moments wondering if I was a shitty photographer. In hindsight I was forcing it. Creative energy has no rhyme or reason. Being in tune with my own creative ebbs and flows has allowed me to be more productive on my photoshoots. I am not photographing as much as I used to due to a variety of reasons but when I am out in the field these days, I find myself being way more engaged and focused on what I’m trying to communicate through my photography than I ever was in the past. I think the older I get the more I appreciate these opportunities.

In recent years, there have been months where I have spent every free minute on photoshoots. Then there would also be months between photoshoots; often spent catching up after a big trip. During the peak periods of productivity, there is a strong desire to create. During the valleys of productivity, I just don’t feel compelled to pick up the camera or even travel. I guess that is my way of recharging my creative batteries. It doesn’t matter that some people say that they photograph 365 days a year. That’s never been for me. Maybe it will be one of these years or maybe not.

Dry Creek Valley Barn Winter Morning, Sonoma County, California, photo, photo

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