Annual Blog Project: Best Photos Of 2018

It’s that time of year when everyone seemingly starts to reflect upon and recap their year. One of my favorite ways to do this is participate in Jim Goldstein’s long-running “Your Best Photos” blog project. Many photographers from all genres have participated in this web project over the years so it’s a fun way to see what other photographers are doing. This year I'm doing something different.

My website is getting long in the tooth since I’ve been managing this since 2004. I have approximately 2,000 pages on this site but the galleries that drove the majority of my web traffic has been largely ignored since 2013 as I haven’t had the time nor web development skills to be honest in order to bring it up to current standards. As a result it led to me a number of poor decisions that have essentially killed my web traffic. The first of which was redirecting my site to my Photoshelter Archive. I did that out of convenience since I’d already have thousands of images on my searchable archive so why not use that for my whole website? Bad idea for too many reasons to list here. The moral of the story is to not rely on a 3rd party domain to host your primary web content. The second decision was to remove the redirects from my Photoshelter sub-domain back to but use WordPress as the front end. While the site looks great, Google hates it and the load time is horrible. The other thing is that I have never been able to find a suitable gallery-based WordPress photography template that I’m happy with. To top it off, my site got hacked recently with a bunch of malware which I managed to get resolved after a few days of downtime.

I’m going to blow up in 2019 and have it re-built from scratch the way I want it by Jack Brauer of Wide Range Galleries. This website is going to be the v2.0 that I should have done all along. Time to get rid of all the old pages, clean up the blog, and have an up to date content strategy as opposed to building upon old stuff.

So What Now?

I’ve built a brand-new fine art website on Bootstrap. I’m keeping this one small and manageable, focused on a singular topic. Here are my favorite photos of 2018 on

Ansel Adams Tetons and Snake River style photo, snake river overlook, grand teton national park, wyoming, photo

Ansel's Playground

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