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California Poppy Macro Photo

Limited Edition of 25 Prints

I've only photographed a handful of photos with a specialized macro lens in my career but the few that I have photographed have been among my favorite flower photos. This type of photography is actually much more difficult than it looks because the depth of field is so shallow that it's nearly impossible to get any part of it in focus particularly if there is any sort of movement in the flower either due to wind or other factors. I focused my efforts on the stamen here and was fortunate to get that part in focus. One of the side benefits of a fixed length macro lens is they are among the sharpest type of lens that a photographer can buy.

Year Photographed: 2006. Photo © copyright by Richard Wong.

Limited Edition Lumachrome Acrylic Print - Ready To Hang

Limited Edition Lumachrome Acrylic Print - Ready To Hang

The ultimate in luxury fine art printmaking today. Lumachrome HD Acrylic prints are the most eye-catching type of prints that you can own. The finest details appear to emerge in 3D from the depths of the photo with the Lumachrome process thanks to the transparency layer that is infused with iridium particles (one of the rarest metals found on Earth) and is captured into a layer suspended between the white poly surface and non-glare TruView acrylic. The resulting print almost appears as if it is backlit.

This ready-to-hang print includes a 1/8" acrylic face mount with a 6mm or 12mm Comatex backing and an HD Italian ROMA back mounted floating frame.

Limited to a small edition size of 25 prints, these digitally-signed and numbered prints come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity that has been affixed with our hologram system. The COA will be shipped separately. Prices may increase significantly as the edition gets closer to selling out which will increase the value for collectors. Once this edition has sold out then this photo will be permanently retired from printing. This is truly the highest-value fine art print that I can offer for art collectors.

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Shipping information: Traditional fine art prints and canvas gallery wraps usually ship within 2 weeks. Lumachrome HD acrylic prints usually ship within 4 to 6 weeks depending on workload. Free shipping within the United States. Canadian sales come with a shipping & handling charge to cover our costs. Please inquire for overseas print sales. If there is an issue with your print order, please contact me upon receiving the print so I can get the issue resolved.