Landscape & Nature Photography Blog (Technique)

Landscape and nature photography blog by Richard Wong. I strive to keep it real and talk about the inner workings of my own photography and the landscape and nature photography industry. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions about my fine art photography prints or have licensing inquiries.

The Value of Photography Prints

With the popularity of sites like Facebook, Instagram and 500px these days it’s safe to say that photography is primarily viewed on a computer screen or phone these days. All are great ways to discover photography that we might not have seen otherwise...

Art For Home Staging

Home staging is the practice of decorating a home for the real estate market. The purpose of staging a home is to make potential home buyers feel comfortable and help them imagine what life would be like within the house...

Tony Kuyper's Saturation Masks For Photoshop

Two years ago I wrote about Tony Kuyper’s Luminosity Masks for Photoshop and how they helped me to extract more detail from my image files. My image processing technique has evolved since then and it’s really transformed my ability to execute upon my original vision...

Tony Kuyper's Luminosity Masks For Photoshop
San Gabriel Mountains Landscape – Lightroom 2 Processed RAW File Saved as TIFF

After seeing so many photographers rave about Tony Kuyper’s Luminosity Masks for Photoshop over the past few years, I finally took the plunge to see if I could use them to extract more dynamic range from my images...

TK Actions Panel
Original Photo With TKActions Panel on the Right

I’ve been an avid user of Tony Kuyper’s Luminosity Masks for several years now and have written about it several times (Luminosity Masks blog post, Saturation Masks blog post) so Tony sent me his new TKActions Panel to play around with...

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