Fine Art Photography Prints

I currently offer three types of large format museum-quality fine art photography prints through my website: silver halide fine art prints on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, ChromaLuxe metal edge mounts and Lumachrome HD TruView acrylic face mounts. ChromaLuxe edge mounts and Lumachrome HD TruView acrylic face mounts come ready-to-hang.

Lumachrome HD TruView Acrylic Face Mounts

The ultimate in luxury fine art printmaking today, Lumachrome HD prints are far and away the most breathtaking prints ever produced and ideal for those looking to leave a lasting impression on viewers. The Lumachrome HD technology is engineered to overcome and surpass the limitations of traditional continuous tone Lightjet and inkjet prints. The finest details appear to emerge in 3D from the depths of the photo with the Lumachrome process thanks to the transparency layer that is infused with iridium particles (one of the rarest metals found on Earth) and is captured in a layer suspended between the white poly surface and museum-grade TruView acrylic.

This ready-to-hang print includes a 1/8" acrylic face mount with a 6mm or 12mm Comatex backing and an HD Italian ROMA back mounted floating frame.

Lumachrome Print Features

  • Brilliant colors lasting over 120 years
  • Superior color gamut vs. traditional Fujiflex prints
  • Incredible 3D depth & dimensionality
  • Unsurpassed detail & ability to hold highlights
  • Superior shadow luminosity & detail
  • Radiant glow under halogen lighting
  • Scratch resistance
  • Frame is ready to hang - I recommend using two gorilla hooks or a pair of french cleats to hang the print
Lumachrome TruView Acrylic Print in Bedroom
Lumachrome TruView Acrylic Prints

Framed Lumachrome HD Prints

Lumachrome HD acrylic face mounts are eye-catching as is but with a luxury frame it really draws the viewer's eye into the artwork. To add another level of prestige to Lumachrome prints, consider adding an external 4" hand-crafted Italian frame with 3" linen liner. A framed 24x36" Lumachrome for example measures in at an awe-inspiring 38x50". It's impossible to walk into a room and not notice the attention to detail that has been put into my art production. Linen liners are available in several colors (black shown here).

ROMA Tabacchino Framed Lumachrome TruView Acrylic Print
ROMA Tabacchino Framed Lumachrome TruView Acrylic Print

ChromaLuxe Metal Edge Mount Prints

Using a proprietary dye-sublimation process my photo is first printed onto photo paper before baked into a Chromaluxe aluminum sheet through a high-pressure thermal transfer process. By embedding the dye directly into the metal this results in a durable and weather-resistant print that is ideal for high-traffic locations including hospitals, hotels, offices and restaurants.

Photography Print Features

  • Glossy finish with vibrant, saturated colors
  • Includes my signature backstamp with print name, size and artist name
  • 1.3" thick flush mount frame comes ready to hang with a cleat, screws and bubble level
  • The most durable print substrate available. Ideal for public display areas.
  • The most cost-effective ready-to-hang print option
ChromaLuxe Metal Edge Mount Print
ChromaLuxe Metal Edge Mount Print

Silver Halide Fine Art Prints

Silver halide fine art prints are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper which have incredible sharpness and detail. Each print features a one-inch white border around the live image area to provide maximum flexibility while framing. These prints are the ideal choice for collectors and interior designers or collectors who plan to work with a professional framer.

Photography Print Features

  • Archival stability - will last 100+ years with proper storage
  • Lively colors and detail
  • Continuous tone printing
  • Matte finish to eliminate reflections
  • Light-collecting silver crystals embedded under the surface of the paper
  • The leading print paper for the past 25 years
  • One-inch white borders around the image for easy framing
Silver Halide Framed Print - Richard Wong Photography
"Dad's Ring" - Silver Halide Print Hanging in Art Collector's Home in New York

Ready-To-Hang Prints vs Ready-To-Frame Prints

My ready-to-hang prints are priced a bit higher than loose prints however when you factor in the time and expense of working directly with a local frame shop the difference in price is negligible if not less than doing it on your own. The other benefit to purchasing a ready-to-hang print is you can be assured that the print won't get damaged by a framer that doesn't know how to handle large artwork properly. Extreme care must be taken however to prevent larger prints from creasing or getting damaged during the framing process. Consider my Lumachrome HD acrylic face mounts or ChromaLuxe metal edge mounts if you would rather not deal with these risks. Leave the stress to me and just enjoy your artwork. My print partners are carefully vetted and I stand by the quality of art production that you would be receiving.

Limited-Edition Prints

A selection of my artwork has been designated as limited-edition prints. Limited to a small edition size of 25, these digitally-signed and numbered prints come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity that has been affixed with our hologram system. The COA will be shipped separately. As the edition gets closer to selling out then the price may increase significantly which increases the value for collectors. Once this edition has sold out then this photo will be permanently retired from printing. This is truly the highest-value print that I can offer for art collectors. If you're interested in a print that hasn't been designated as a limited-edition print and you would like it to be then please contact me. We might be able to work something out that suits your needs. If you would like to be the sole, exclusive owner of a specific piece of artwork then please inquire for availability. If available, you can make me an offer and have the print all to yourself. There is nothing more scarce than a print numbered 1/1. Sleep well at night knowing that your peers could never own the same artwork.

Certificate of Authenticity - Richard Wong Photography
Certificate of Authenticity - Richard Wong Photography


Fine art photography provenance
Signed Fine Art Photography Print

Beginning in 2019, I will be custom signing all prints individually with a digital signature unless otherwise requested. Artists throughout history have signed their work so by signing my work you can be assured that you're receiving an original Richard Wong Photography print and not a reproduction or counterfeit from a 3rd party source. Limited-editions also come with a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity which ship separately from the print.

Which Print Size Should I Buy?

The answer depends on where you plan to hang the print and how it enhances the experience of the room. Here is a sizing chart for comparison between my smallest and largest fine art photography prints for sale. Smaller prints are more subtle whereas large prints really draw the viewer into the scene and make a statement. If you know exactly where you want to hang a print then you can measure the dimensions of the surrounding space and send me the photo so I can design a mockup for you. Please contact me at anytime and we can brainstorm ideas over the phone or by email.

Fine Art Photography Print Sizing Guide
Fine Art Photography Print Sizing Guide
Large Acrylic Face Mount Fine Art Photography Print
120 inch / 10 ft Spring Wildflowers Panoramic Lumachrome TruView Acrylic Face Mount Print

How To Buy Fine Art Prints

All photography on my website with the exception of panoramic photos are PayPal shopping cart-enabled. My shopping cart accepts payment via credit card and PayPal. Shipping is free within the United States. If you have any questions about my artwork or would like to consult with me on art selection then feel free to reach out via my contact form. We can discuss your needs at any time either via phone or email depending on your preference. I can create a custom gallery or lightbox for you to help you decide which prints to purchase. You can also send me a photo of the space where you would like to hang my artwork then I can mock-up my artwork into your space so you can see what my prints might look like in your home or office.

Turnaround Time

Silver halide fine art prints and ChromaLuxe metal edge mounts usually ship within 1-2 weeks. Lumachrome HD acrylic face mounts usually ship within 4 to 6 weeks depending on workload. Free shipping within the United States. If you need to receive your prints within a shorter time frame then I'll try to accommodate but it may include an extra rush charge. Please contact me directly for any sales outside of the United States.

Quantity Discounts

Quantity discounts are available to art collectors, consultants and interior designers which can lead to substantial savings on your print order. Decorate a home or office for far less than it would cost on an individual per print basis. Please inquire for more info.

Warranty Policy

All sales are final, however if the fine art print is damaged during shipping then please contact me right away so I can resolve the issue for you. Lumachrome Acrylic Face Mounts must be inspected for damage within 48 hours.

Custom Art Services

If you have a specific need that differs from the print and framing options currently listed on my site then please contact me at any time and lets discuss your needs. Whether it's canvas gallery wraps, framed metal prints, hotel and office wall murals or float mount framing I can produce just about anything available in the market. Larger prints of 90" or more please contact me for availability.

Black ROMA Ramino Frame with White Linen Liner on Lumachrome Acrylic Face Mount Print
Black ROMA Ramino Frame with White Linen Liner on Lumachrome Acrylic Face Mount Print
Munras Mural Framed Canvas Print on Exhibit in Lobby of Casa Munras Hotel & Spa, Monterey, California
"Munras Mural" - Framed Canvas Print on Exhibit in Lobby of Casa Munras Hotel & Spa, Monterey, California
Backlit Panoramic Wall Mural in Corporate Office Kitchen, Berkeley, California
Backlit Panoramic Wall Mural in Corporate Office Kitchen, Berkeley, California

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