Dining Room Wall Art

Sometimes adjoined with the living room or kitchen, dining rooms are where bonds are made. Boisterous social gatherings with friends and family take place here. Morning breakfast and coffee are consumed over the news. Countless meals are savored here. The day's plans are formulated here. From deep conversations to laughter to sharing important news, the dining room is the room that brings people together. Given the importance of dining rooms in our lives, it's of little surprise that dining rooms are a popular place in homes to hang artwork. Even amongst people who don't consider themselves to be "art buyers" or "art collectors" it's very rare to come across a home that doesn't have any artwork in the dining room. If you're reading this article then I'm guessing that you already have artwork but have some extra wall space, have recently remodeled or you just moved and ready to make a house a home. Regardless of where you are in the art buying process I'll provide some dining room art ideas here and share some of my favorite fine art prints.

Dining Room Wall Art
Grand Teton Panoramic - Dining Room Wall Art

Dining Room Wall Art Ideas

When it comes to choosing subject matter, you can base your decision on memorable locations or moments from your life. Or you might opt purely for dining room decor to match your wall color & furniture such as specific color themes. Here are some top wall art ideas to consider:

  1. Panoramic Photography
  2. Garden Pictures
  3. Vineyard Pictures
  4. Abstract Dining Room Wall Art
  5. Farmhouse Dining Room Wall Art

Large Dining Room Wall Art

Given that most dining tables are relatively large, the artwork needs to hold up in terms of visual impact. If you select too small of a print relative to the dining table then you might need several prints to fill the space. Hanging small art pieces behind large dining tables can look underwhelming and not have the intended emotional impact so choosing the appropriate size that can hold its' own on the wall is important. I've created a wall art size calculator to help guide you if you're undecided on how large of a print you need.

Modern Dining Room Wall Art

If you have modern interior and art tastes, then I would recommend TruLife® Acrylic Face Mount prints which have a "frameless" appearance due to the rear framed hanging system. When light strikes the museum-grade acrylic it illuminates the artwork which is face mounted directly to the metal which can give off a glowing-like appearance. If metal wall art is more your taste then ChromaLuxe Edge Mount metal prints which are lighter in weight than acrylic prints at a lower price point. Both options can enhance the beauty of your dining room.

Dining Room Canvas Wall Art

dining room canvas wall art
Resuscitation - Dining Room Canvas Wall Art

Canvas prints were popular on the arts and crafts circuit about a decade ago when the frameless look first became popular. Lower cost than luxury acrylic face mounts or metal prints, canvas can be a good option if you're on a budget. The main drawback is that canvas prints are not nearly as detailed as other fine art photographic print substrates so these are best suited for subject matter that doesn't rely on small details such as abstract nature photography.

Dining Room Framed Wall Art

Dining Room Framed Wall Art
Point Reyes National Seashore - Dining Room Framed Wall Art

If you prefer a rustic look, then ROMA Tabacchino framed acrylic face mount prints offer a classic, timeless luxury way to showcase the artwork. More modern frames can include ROMA Ramino which have a minimalist look which is associated with contemporary art styles. If you need help with custom framing solutions then contact me and I'll help find the right combination for you.


Dining room art buyers and collectors seeking personal service and high-quality production value are best served by contacting photographic artists directly via their personal website. Not all photographers are created equal but you can easily determine which photographers are serious about providing you with quality service just by spending a few minutes on their website.

I have been a fine art landscape and travel photographer for 20 years and have been providing services for art buyers for much of this time. This website features dozens of curated landscape photography galleries featuring my best work created over the course of my career. My objective is to learn about your art needs and help you to fulfill those needs. Sometimes your needs call for ready to hang, large-format limited edition fine art photography prints while other times you might simply need a loose, open edition print sent directly to your framer. Regardless of what the specific need is, I can help guide you in the right direction. Contact me and we will figure that out together.

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