Panoramic Photography

Museum-Quality Landscape Photography Prints

Panoramic photography has taken the world by storm in recent years, with stunning images of breathtaking landscapes and cityscapes popping up all over social media. And it's no wonder - panoramic photos offer a unique and immersive viewing experience, allowing the viewer to fully take in the beauty and grandeur of a scene.

One of the key benefits of panoramic photography is that it allows the photographer to capture a much wider view of a scene than would be possible with a traditional camera. This is especially useful for landscapes, as it allows the photographer to capture the full breadth and majesty of a natural setting. Whether it's a sweeping vista of a mountain range, a panoramic view of a beach, or a bird's eye view of a city skyline, panoramic photography allows the viewer to fully immerse themselves in the scene.

But it's not just about capturing wide views - panoramic photography can also be used to create striking and dramatic compositions. By using the wide aspect ratio to focus on a particular subject or element within the frame, the photographer can create a sense of depth and dimensionality that is truly eye-catching. Whether in color or black and white, panoramic photography has the power to transport the viewer to another place and time.

When it comes to photographing sweeping scenic landscapes and large frame-filling subjects such as redwood trees, nothing compares to panoramic photography. Stitched multi-frame large format panoramics capture an incredible amount of detail that far surpasses the detail from even the most expensive cameras. My multi-frame panoramic acrylic face mount prints ranging in size from 30" to 120". These prints can really fill up a large wall!

I offer personal consultations with my customers to determine which style of print is best for you and produce custom print files tailored to your needs. Printing and shipping of my panoramic photos are handled by world-class professional print labs. For licensing inquiries, contact me. I’m here to help you through the process as you consider purchasing artwork for your home or office. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

All panoramic photography prints for sale have a limited edition size of 10.

What is Panoramic Photography?

Panoramic photography involves capturing a wide angle view of a scene, by stitching together multiple images to create a single seamless image. This technique is particularly useful when you want to capture a scene that is too wide to fit into a single image, such as landscapes or cityscapes. The resulting image is often stunning, providing a wider view of the scene and capturing every detail in stunning detail.

What Camera and Lens Do You Need?

To take panoramic photographs, you will need a camera that allows you to take multiple images and a lens that provides a wide angle of view. Some cameras have a panoramic mode that allows you to capture a sequence of images while panning the camera horizontally or vertically. Other cameras may require you to take individual images and stitch them together using specialized software.

For best results, use a moderate wide-angle or telephoto lens to make overlapping vertical images. You will need enough overlap to make seamless blends. It also helps to have relatively static objects as excessive movement may lead to a ghosting effect.

Stitching Images Together

Once you have taken multiple images of a scene, you will need to stitch them together to create a panoramic image. There are several software programs available that can help you stitch images together. Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are the most popular options for stitching panoramics together, while other software such as Autopano offer more specialized solutions.

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