Landscape & Nature Photography Blog (Richard Wong Photography)

Landscape and nature photography blog by Richard Wong. I strive to keep it real and talk about the inner workings of my own photography and the landscape and nature photography industry. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions about my fine art photography prints or have licensing inquiries.

10 Reasons To Buy Art Online Directly From Artists
Los Osos Oaks Learn about the artwork you’re buying: No one knows more about their art than the artist. Much of the art on my website has detailed captions. You can also contact me at any time to learn more about my artwork...
Top 10 Popular Peter Lik Photography Prints

Peter Lik is an Australian landscape and nature photographer who owns more than a dozen fine art photography galleries in the United States. Lik’s career originally began in Australia but has really made a name for himself here in the States according to sources including the New York Times and former employees...

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