Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials

There's been an increasing demand for photography education content over the past few years so I've decided to start offering my own perspective through video-based photography tutorials. Here are the first four videos that I've published to YouTube. I plan to add more content here as time permits along with potentially offering up individual and group Skype training sessions at some point.

Culling & Editing a Photoshoot - Bryce Canyon Sunrise

In this first video, I start with all of the RAW files from a Bryce Canyon National Park sunrise photoshoot then walk you through my decision-making for why and how I select certain images over others to process as a master file for my image library. This is a 19 minute video.

Lightroom Post-Processing - The Land of the Giants

This video covers my basic process for how I use Lightroom to process my RAW files in an easy to follow, realistic manner. I've used "The Land of the Giants" as the example here. This video is 19 minutes long.

Photoshop Post-Processing - The Land of the Giants

The follow up video demonstrates how I fine tune and finish processing my converted TIFF file within Adobe Photoshop. Tools and techniques used include TK Actions Panel (Luminosity Masks and Saturation Masks), burning and dodging. This video is 23 minutes long.

4 Effective Ways to Control Highlights in Photoshop - Schwabacher Landing

This 8 minute Photoshop tutorial covers four ways to control highlights in Photoshop through the use of a TK Luminosity Mask. My techniques will allow you to manage the overly bright sections of your photo without affecting the rest of the photo.

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