Venetian Jewish Ghetto (Ghetto Vecchio), Venice, Italy

Jewish Ghetto

Venice, Italy

Venetian Jewish Ghetto (Ghetto Vecchio), Venice, Italy

Established in 1516, the Venetian Ghetto was a segregated part of Venice where Jews were forced to live by the Venetian Republic. At it's peak there were nearly 1,000 residents located here.

Since my wife and I spent a week in Venice for our first anniversary, we took the time to explore each part of Venice. This was one of the more obscure locations that we explored which I found fascinating from a cultural standpoint. As a minority resident of the United States, I don't understand why humans have chosen to persecute certain groups throughout history such as Jews and Blacks. Each culture offers their own unique contributions to this world so we should cherish our differences rather than try to make others conform to our own.

Year Photographed: 2015