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The foundations for what is present-day Italy was laid more than 2,000 years ago during the ancient Roman Empire. Legendary figures like Julius Caesar still command reverence to this day as one travels through Rome, which served as the capital of the Roman Empire. While that civilization collapsed like all great civilizations inevitably do, one can still experience and imagine the sights and sounds while working through the ruins of the Roman Forum (italian: Foro Romano) and The Pantheon which is the oldest remaining building in Rome.

While Rome dates back to the B.C. era, modern Venetian history began several hundreds years later when present-day Venice served as the capital of the Republic of Venice from 697 to 1797. After changing hands several times in the following decades, Venice joined the Kingdom of Italy in 1866. Venice has traditionally been a center of great wealth which is perhaps best exemplified by the opulent Venetian Gothic architecture of Doge's Palace which is located in St. Mark's Square. Venice is arguably most famous for having been built on a group of 118 small islands. There is nothing quite like the architecture and waterways of Venice. Venice will likely be reclaimed by rising sea levels someday soon but for now it remains one of the premiere travel destinations in the world.

Italy had long been a country that I wanted to visit for the exquisite architecture and Renaissance artwork. I finally made my first visit during my honeymoon in 2014. My wife and I spent eight days in Rome exploring as much of the city as we could. In 2015, we visited Venice and Bologna to celebrate our 1st anniversary.

Museum-quality Italy fine art photography prints for sale. I offer personal consultations with my customers to determine which style of print is best for you and produce custom print files tailored to your needs. Printing and shipping of my photos are handled by world-class professional print labs. For licensing inquiries, contact me. I’m here to help you through the process as you consider purchasing artwork for your home or office. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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