Bedroom Wall Art

March 4, 2021

Bedrooms are the most personalized of living spaces within a home. Your bedroom is often a reflection of your personality. Arguably the most outlandish of bedrooms belonged to legendary Hall of Fame basketball player, Wilt Chamberlain (1936 - 1999), who's outrageous basketball stats will likely never be matched. Fitting for his larger-than-life personality, he was infamous for claiming to have slept with 20,000 women, many of whom he entertained in his Bel Air bachelor pad which featured a master bedroom that had a mirrored, retractable ceiling and a sunken bathtub at the foot of the bed. For the rest of us, our personality is probably a bit more conservative so the type of interior decor that we'll be focusing on here is fine art photography. Given the importance of bedrooms in our lives, it's of little surprise that bedrooms are one of the most common places in homes to hang artwork. Even amongst people who don't consider themselves to be "art buyers" or "art collectors" it's very rare to come across a home that doesn't have any artwork in the bedroom. If you're reading this article then I'm guessing that you already have artwork but have some extra wall space, have recently remodeled or you just moved and ready to make a house a home. Regardless of where you are in the art buying process I'll provide some bedroom art ideas here and share some of my favorite fine art prints.

Four Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Typically the largest space for bedroom wall art is directly above the bed. You generally want the artwork to be slightly smaller in width than the bed. Naturally the width of your bed can range anywhere from 39" for twin beds to 60" for queen beds and 76" for king beds so that leaves for a lot of different options when it comes to bedroom art sizes. I've created a wall art size calculator to help guide you if you're undecided on how large of a print you need.

As for what art you should hang on your bedroom walls? That's subjective but here are the top four bedroom wall art ideas according to search volume.

  1. Abstract Art For Bedroom
  2. Blue Wall Art For Bedroom
  3. Waterfall Photography
  4. Red Wall Art For Bedroom
Bedroom Wall Art
"Ansel's Playground" Bedroom Wall Art

Master Bedroom Wall Art

Master Bedroom Wall Art
Master Bedroom Wall Art

Master bedrooms are often the second largest room in a home after the living room so if there's a place suitable for large wall art then this is definitely the room. Aside from the space above your bed, you can potentially hang fine art photography prints on any of the walls. My own master bed is a hodgepodge of random artworks that I've acquired over the years but if I were to start over I would definitely choose a visual design theme like the California Coast or iconic landscape photography. Oddly enough, the only wall where I don't have artwork is directly above the bed but I'm probably an outlier in that regard.

Bedroom Framed Art

Bedroom Framed Art
"Magical Morning" - ROMA Ramino Acrylic Face Mount Bedroom Framed Art

If you really want a piece of art to stand out then I would recommended custom framed wall art. Proper framing from a master framer should help draw the eye toward the art. External framing also helps protect prints from damage due to accidental contact and environmental factors. Framing options run the gamut from the contemporary gallery look such as this ROMA Ramino frame with a linen liner to frames with a timeless museum-quality luxury such as ROMA Tabacchino.


Bedroom art buyers and collectors seeking personal service and high-quality production value are best served by contacting photographic artists directly via their personal website. Not all photographers are created equal but you can easily determine which photographers are serious about providing you with quality service just by spending a few minutes on their website.

I have been a fine art landscape and travel photographer for 20 years and have been providing services for art buyers for much of this time. This website features dozens of curated landscape photography galleries featuring my best work created over the course of my career. My objective is to learn about your art needs and help you to fulfill those needs. Sometimes your needs call for ready to hang, large-format limited edition fine art photography prints while other times you might simply need a loose, open edition print sent directly to your framer. Regardless of what the specific need is, I can help guide you in the right direction. Contact me and we will figure that out together.

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