Kitchen Wall Art

March 5, 2021

Sometimes combined with the dining room or dining area, kitchens are where creativity abounds. Generations of family recipes are passed down here. Breakfast toast is burnt and steak is perfected here. Countless dishes are produced here from fresh pasta to seafood and salads. From measured cups of flour to potlucks, the kitchen is where magic happens. Given the importance of kitchens in our lives, it's important to choose wall art that inspires you. If you're reading this article then I'm guessing that you're ready to make a house a home so I'm going to provide some kitchen art ideas here and share some of my favorite fine art photography prints.

Kitchen Wall Art
Emerald Forest - Kitchen Wall Art

Benefits of Wall Art in the Kitchen

Wall art not only adds a touch of beauty and creativity to your kitchen, but it also offers several benefits that can transform the space into something truly remarkable.

Enhances visual appeal and adds character to the kitchen

One of the most significant advantages of incorporating wall art into your kitchen is the enhancement of its visual appeal. By selecting pieces that complement your kitchen's color scheme and design theme, you can instantly bring life and character to the walls. Whether it's a vibrant painting or a unique print, wall art has the power to make your kitchen visually stunning.

Reflects personal style and creates a unique ambiance

Wall art provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your personal style and create a unique ambiance in the kitchen. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a more eclectic and vibrant style, choosing the right wall art allows you to express your personality and design preferences. By selecting pieces that resonate with you, you can create an atmosphere that reflects who you are while making your kitchen truly one-of-a-kind.

Provides a focal point and creates a conversation starter

Having wall art in your kitchen can act as a focal point, drawing attention and becoming a conversation starter. Whether it's a striking piece above your dining area or an eye-catching display near your countertops, wall art has the ability to captivate and engage anyone who enters the kitchen. It serves as a focal point that anchors the space and adds intrigue to your cooking and dining experience.

Allows for customization and the opportunity to showcase individual preferences

The beauty of wall art lies in its versatility and ability to be customized according to individual preferences. With a wide range of options available, you can choose art that aligns with your taste, hobbies, or personal interests. Whether it's a collection of ChromaLuxe metal edge mounts, landscape prints on canvas, or framed family photos, wall art provides you with the opportunity to showcase your individuality and make your kitchen truly your own.

Top Kitchen Wall Art Ideas

Regional subject matter are popular themes for kitchen wall art which is not surprising considering that each region has a distinct style of cuisine. You can either go with regional themes where you home is based such as the Southwest and California, or you can simply go with themes that represent your favorite cuisines or heritage. There is so much symbolism that you can choose from. Or you might opt purely for dining room decor to match your wall color & kitchen cabinets such as specific color themes. Here are some top wall art ideas to consider:

  1. Abstract Nature Art
  2. Red Kitchen Wall Art
  3. Italian Kitchen Wall Art
  4. Blue Kitchen Wall Art
  5. Vineyard Photography

Metal Kitchen Wall Art

Metal Kitchen Wall Art
Chiles Hanging Out to Dry - Metal Kitchen Wall Art

As is the case with bathrooms, the main challenge with most art substrates when it comes to the kitchen is the grease, steam and moisture. You simply can't hang certain types of artwork in the kitchen as it would be very difficult to clean. Fortunately there is an option that is perfect for dirty environments such kitchens. ChromaLuxe metal prints utilize a special technology called dye-sublimation which involves infusing the inks directly into the aluminum at high temperatures. The print is permanently a part of the metal and there is zero risk of damage due to getting wet. ChromaLuxe metal prints can be hung with the "frameless" presentation style with rear-mounted framing or with external frames such as this floater frame shown above. In addition to aesthetics, another benefit of having external framing is protection. A kitchen can be a bit more limited in space than a living room for example so you might opt for an external frame over the frameless look to minimize any potential chipping or scratching.

    Should I Buy Mass-Produced Kitchen Decor or Fine Art?

    Modern Kitchen Wall Art
    Historic Alameda Theatre - Modern Kitchen Fine Art

    That’s a personal decision for you to make. Do you want kitchen artwork that is unique and that had the artists’ input or it’s of no concern to you if art is entirely automated by machines on a conveyer belt? There are number of corporate e-commerce sites out such as Fine Art America, Amazon, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, and that sell cheap, mass-produced decor that cuts corners in every way possible for profit margins but it would be a stretch to label that as “fine art”. If you want to make a house a home then my personal recommendation would be to seek out artists or galleries that specialize in fine art. The good ones take their craft seriously and provide personalized services tailored to your unique needs. Good kitchen wall art should be no different in quality from the amazing pieces that you see in museums and galleries.

    How Do I Buy Art For My Kitchen?

    Kitchen art buyers and collectors seeking personal service and high-quality production value are best served by contacting photographic artists directly via their personal website. Not all photographers are created equal but you can easily determine which photographers are serious about providing you with quality service just by spending a few minutes on their website.

    I have been a fine art landscape and travel photographer for 20 years and have been providing services for art buyers for much of this time. This website features dozens of curated landscape photography galleries featuring my best work created over the course of my career. My objective is to learn about your art needs and help you to fulfill those needs. Sometimes your needs call for ready to hang, large-format limited edition fine art photography prints while other times you might simply need a small, open edition metal print above the knife rack. Regardless of what the specific need is, I can help guide you in the right direction. Contact me and we will figure that out together.

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