Hotel Wall Art

There are several ways in which hotel wall art can elevate the guest experience. The right wall art can create certain moods or reinforce the interior design style. Boutique and luxury hotels wanting to differentiate from no-frills properties such as Motel 6 should seek out custom artwork rather than mass-produced prints on poster paper. First impressions matter so the hotel lobby and public spaces such as lounges or elevators are especially important and suitable for large art installations such as my 50 foot custom wall mural at the McCarren Hotel & Spa in Brooklyn.

Hotel Wall Art in Brooklyn, New York
"Welcome to the Jungle" - 50 foot hotel wall mural, Brooklyn, New York

When it comes to hotels with a regional theme it makes sense to work with photographers who specialize in that region. Working with solo artists such as myself can help ensure a cohesive style to the artwork rather than just picking random pieces from a pool of artists. Some hotels might have an interesting story that calls for specific artwork such as the Casa Munras Garden Hotel & Spa in Monterey. This historic hotel was constructed in 1824 by Esteban Munras who also happened to paint the murals located inside the Mission San Miguel Arcangel chapel. I worked with a gallery in Carmel who created this art installation in the lobby of the hotel.

Hotel Art in Monterey, California
"Munras Mural" - Framed Fine Art Photography Print on Exhibit in Lobby of Casa Munras Hotel & Spa, Monterey, California

Ideal Locations For Hotel Art

  • Lobby
  • Lounge
  • Hallways
  • Bar / Lounge
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Ballrooms
  • Business Center
ROMA Tabacchino Framed Museum-Grade Acrylic Face Mount

ROMA Tabacchino Framed Museum-Grade Acrylic Face Mount

Hotel Wall Art For Sale

My website features a curated selection of my best fine art nature and landscape photography. I work with the top print labs in the industry to produce museum-quality artwork for my clients. If you work for a luxury boutique or a resort and are in unique fine art then please feel free to contact me. I'm happy to work with you and give you my full attention for projects of any size. If you're in need of ideas, the following galleries are a good place to start your search for hotel artwork.

Abstract Nature Photography

Abstract Nature

Tree Photography


Regional Fine Art Photography

Pacific Northwest Photography

Pacific Northwest

Southwest Photography


California Pictures


New England Photography

New England

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