In The Field Photography Blogs: Photographing The Butchart Gardens In Spring

May 1, 2017  |  The Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

Similar to what I wrote in my previous post, Photographing Vancouver in Spring, I had photographed The Butchart Gardens in the summer previously but was my first time visiting during the spring. On my previous visit, we arrived when it opened and spent all day there shooting photos until the late evening hours since they open until after dark during the summer months. That was one of the greatest photography experiences I've had in my life. I had no idea what to expect on this recent visit however other than it was going to be nice weather.

There were certainly more garden flowers in bloom at The Butchart Gardens than what I found in Vancouver in the days prior. Cherry blossoms were quite pretty as well. I still found summer to be more beautiful however since most of the tulips hadn't started blooming yet and most of the trees that were still bare (non-cherry blossom trees). The Butchart Gardens in the spring is still better than just any other garden I've been to however. The landscaping is still there and it's still beautiful. Another plus is that there are way less tourists during this time of year than during the middle of peak travel season. Aside from the Sunken Garden (pictured above) there were few crowds to be found.

Would I photograph The Butchart Gardens in April again? Yes, I would. When would be the ideal time to photograph The Butchart Gardens? I would suggest the summer months or in early fall. I have not been there during the fall but I have seen some stunning fall photos from various parts of the garden and would like to visit Canada during the fall at some point.

Cherry Blossoms at The Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada
Butchart Gardens Cherry Blossoms
Sunken Garden - The Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island, B.C, Canada
Sunken Garden
Ross Fountain at The Butchart Gardens in Spring, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada
Ross Fountain Spring
Tulips in Bloom at The Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island, B.C, Canada
Butchart's Tulips
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