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Dunsmuir Charm


Sacramento River, Dunsmuir, California

Dunsmuir is best-known in landscape photography circles as the home of Mossbrae Falls; a rather unique waterfall that is probably the most often photographed location in the Mount Shasta region. Access has been illegal for the past several years due to railroad safety concerns so I skipped it on this visit. (Sorry to disappoint but trespassing sets a really bad example.) You can Google for Mossbrae Falls and it is undeniably pretty but it totally shaped my pre-conception of Dunsmuir prior to this visit. I figured that it was probably some semi-ghost town in the middle of nowhere that just happened to have a beautiful waterfall. I’d never seen another photo from this area.

I couldn’t be more wrong. Samantha and I dined in the historic downtown district where we had the most amazing mahi mahi fish tacos and elk burger. There was live entertainment outside in the patio too. The downtown area was quite walkable; though many shops did appear to be either closed or available for lease, it was very well preserved. To me it felt like what the ideal Main Street is small town America is like. We also found the people up in this area to be extremely friendly. Near more urban areas like San Francisco or L.A., if someone was that friendly you should probably have your guard up. But there we had people laughing with us and asking to take our photo for us when they saw us having a good time. Everyone you pass on the trails says hello. The hotel restaurant doesn’t even charge for breakfast when you exceed the allotted amount.

I spent part of two days at Dunsmuir City Park and Botanical Gardens. It’s more forest than what you would typically think of as a city park. The first time, Samantha and I walked around looking at all the flowers and having fun at the playground. I didn’t shoot any photos but made a mental note to return on the way home. So I photographed around the Sacramento River for an hour by myself before the long drive home to the Bay Area while Samantha went off to work. A perfectly relaxing way to end a great trip.

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Dunsmuir Charm print

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