Second Beach Black & White Seascape, Olympic National Park, Washington photo

Second Beach Black & White Panoramic

Olympic National Park, Washington

Second Beach Black & White Panoramic Seascape, Olympic National Park, Washington

Second Beach, located within Olympic National Park in Washington, is a stunning location that is beautifully captured in this black and white panoramic seascape photograph. The wide expanse of sand and surf is awash with large waves crashing against the shore, creating a moody and dramatic atmosphere. The coastline in the distance appears rugged and rocky, with tall cliffs rising up from the water, adding to the natural beauty of the scene. The panoramic aspect ratio of the photograph allows the viewer to take in the full beauty of Second Beach and the surrounding landscape. The overcast sky only adds to the mood of the photograph, enhancing the raw and natural beauty of this coastal location. Overall, this photograph perfectly captures the majesty of Second Beach and the rugged coastline of Olympic National Park, making it a true masterpiece.

Year Photographed: 2022

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