Best Photos Of Year

February 2, 2024

Here you'll find links to my annual photography recap from the past several years.

Best Photos From 2023
December 22, 2023

2023 started off pretty good with some fun photo shoots. I didn't travel much for photography however as I mostly stayed within the Bay Area for photography this year aside from a short-trip to the southern Oregon Coast...

Best Photos From 2022
December 2022

2022 was a busy year mostly due to personal reasons between raising two young children and buying another house this fall. I did manage to go on a two-week Pacific Northwest road trip with the family this summer right at the beginning of a massive heat wave...

Best Photos From 2021
December 2021

2021 was a much more memorable year for me than 2020, though I'm sure that was probably the case for most people. My family and I went on a road trip to the Oregon Coast in April to celebrate our anniversary...

Best Photos From 2020
December 29, 2020

From a new photography standpoint, 2020 was probably the least prolific year I've ever had. My daughter was born right after the New Year so the decreased output was partially expected but then COVID-19 struck not long after so I shelved all of my travel plans for the year with the exception of a three-day excursion to Mount Shasta and Ashland, Oregon for my wife's birthday...

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